Setting up a Low Carbon Diet for Municipal Educational Institution

The purpose of the project was to develop, implement and promote series of measures allowing to reduce and offset carbon dioxide emissions at two municipal educational institutions and neighbouring households.


  • To conduct energy audit at kindergarten (No.69 of Petrogradsky municipal district) and school (No.558 of Vyborgsky municipal district), to collect and analyse statistics of energy and heat consumtion over one past year and during the project
  • To develop a carbon accounting toolbox for kindergartens and schools, to teach administration and maintainance workers how to use it
  • To develop recommendations on carbon dioxide emission reduction
  • To consult the educational institutions’ administration and workers on implementation of carbon reduction measures
  • To design energy saving leaflets for households and promotional package
  • Together with school teachers, to develop a classroom activity on energy saving and climate change for two different age categories of pupils
  • Together with kindergarten workers to develop energy saving game/holiday for kids and their parents
  • To distribute the leaflets among parents in the neighbourhood
  • To organize workshops for other municipal educational institutions, to invite them to join carbon reduction programme, to distribute the promotional package, to consult them on carbon reduction measures (two workshops at the institutions concerned, one workshop at Primorsky district administration for education)
  • To provide a feedback mechanism via mailing list.



Energy and Climate Change


Eduard Podgaiskii
Project coordinator at CTC SPb
Tel./fax: +7 812 334 8835




The project has been supported by the UK Consulate-General.