Circular Economy

When we were introduced to the ideas of sustainable development long time ago, this topic had become a core of our professional interest and excitement. It seemed, that the ideas of sustainable development would be mainstreamed and disseminated widely very quickly, as they suggested a positive view of our future. However, despite of lots of declarations and international programs, despite the fact that the Russian government has accepted SD concept, our hope did not come true. Unfortunately, we can observe a few positive changes, with regard restoring environmental sustainability and increasing people’s quality of life.

It is difficult to argue the fact that the root of the problem lays in the lack of system thinking and following-the-nature structures in the current economic development. We believe that the transition to the circular economy can give humans a chance to build a high quality of life in long term prospective.

The circular economy is the only concept at the moment, which can motivate and give hope for the bright future both to the environmentalists and economists. The circular economy can demonstrate big opportunities and thus motivate for change. The key ideas for the circular economy fit into one page, they are simple and can be understood by anybody.

This concept uses arguments of the opportunities more that traditional “doom and gloom” environmentalists’ approach. When making the transition to the circular economy, each person can find own opportunities and ways for own creativity, if the innovative and system thinking is applied.

All this makes the circular economy very interesting and attractive as a topic for our research and projects. We see big potential for learning and positive thinking there.

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Business of the future: economy in suit with nature
10/2012 – 12/2012




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