CTC mission and values

Our mission is to help people erase the boundaries and find each other for ideas exchange and development of environmentally sustainable systems on different level. We aim to make existing ideas, achievements, and innovations from different countries available to Russian citizens, and distribute them in Russia among business, science and other communities. We build our work on such values as:

  • Equitable dialogue and partnership;
  • Open-mindedness;
  • Improvement in quality of people’s life;
  • Ecosystem protection and encreased environmental sustainability;
  • Optimism, positive outlook and belief in possibility of people to change a world;
  • Creative and innovative thinking support.



CTC history

NGO Center for Transboundary Cooperation – St. Petersburg (CTC SPb) was officially registered in April 2004, although acted earlier as an outreach office of the Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation (Tartu, Estonia) and a project liaison office for UNDP/GEF Project “Development and Implementation of the Lake Peipsi/Chudskoe Basin Management Programme”.

Since 2005, CTC-SPb becomes a member of an international consortium Baltic Environmental Forum Group (BEF) - an international network of non-profit organizations acting in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany and Russia in the broad range of environmental and cooperative issues.

Our organization primarily focused on the development of cooperation between different countries and stakeholders in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Our main fields of activity are hazardous substances management, energy efficiency, climate change, circular economy, transboundary water management, public participation, and promotion of sustainable development ideas.

CTC team also has 10years’ experience in organizing workshops, seminars, lectures, and a wide rangeof educational and training activities.

CTC services

   "Center for Transboundary Cooperation - St. Petersburg" means a professional consultingfor companies and organizations with kind thought of each client.

  Quality services for management and administrative support of international projects, consulting, training, moderation of meetings and events - all this and more CTC experts can do for you!

  If you want to talk about the environmental principles in your company to wind range of people–just call us! We can develop and conduct environmental education programs and projects for any target groups.

   If you are only looking for ways to improve the environmental performance of your company –just call us!


  • We help to develop programs of “green office space”and successfully implement them, working with staff. This way companies can contribute to the sustainable development of society.
  • We help companies to involve employees in the development and implementation of environmental policy.
  • We develop information and education materials telling about environmental policy of enterprises.
  • We help companies to find partners in other countries and have cooperation.
  • We organize workshops, seminars, lectures and other educational and training activities for different themes - from environmental management and control of hazardous substances to integrating of the principles of cyclic economy to development strategy of companies.  


All services are designed individually according to the needs of each client.


Contact us: office@ctcspb.ru, call +7-812-334-88-35

BEF group

The Baltic Environmental Forum (BEF) was founded in 1995 by the Baltic Ministries of Environment, Germany and the European Commission as a technical assistance project aiming at strengthening the co-operation among the Baltic environmental authorities. Multi-stakeholder seminars, trainings, information days and publications on EU environmental policy have been the key tools for meeting these objectives. Over time the core project was prolonged and the BEF activities grew far beyond the initial project. BEF became accepted as institution for networking and experience exchange among environmental stakeholders in the Baltic States. The organization has contributed to the EU accession process in the Baltic States with a large amount of events and trainings targeted at understanding of the environmental legislation to be transposed and facilitating dialogue and experience exchange for its implementation.

In order to keep the network active the BEF team has founded in 2003 new NGOs in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Germany. Since 2004 the BEF Group cooperates with the Centre of Transboundary Cooperation St. Petersburg, who became formally a member in the BEF Group in 2005. The organizations are independent in legal and fiscal terms, but they form a network as so-called “BEF Group” and have common goals and joint activities. The network character is laid down in an agreement on cooperation between all parties. According to this agreement BEF Latvia functioned as headquarter of the network and the other organizations are its members until spring 2010. From spring 2010, BEF Germany took over the role of the headquarter.The five independent NGOs develop projects together mainly in the Baltic Sea region, which is the target region of the operations of the organizations. Each of the NGOs also acts on national level in its country, however multi-country projects are predominating.The BEF NGOs are operating project based and depend on grants and contracts.

In 2006 the network received first time the EU support for environmental NGOs acting in more than three countries – a kind of small core funding.The goals of the BEF Group are to act in various fields of environmental policy with regard to capacity building, experience transfer and facilitation of different stakeholders in the Baltic Sea region. Additionally it is envisaged to extend the scope of activities to other countries in Eastern Europe - to make use of our location and facilitate cooperation with the neighbouring countries Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Contacts & Particulars

Contact person: Podgaiskii Eduard
e-mail: podgaisky[at]gmail[dot]com