Eastern transnational river basins are not managed with a coherent, commonly-implemented method. On the contrary, each region has its individual way. To avoid troubles a common approach is needed.

  Aim of the project:

TRABANT - Transnational River Basin Districts on the Eastern Side of the Baltic Sea Network is a transnational project. The target is to improve preconditions necessary for the integration of significant ecological and management aspects, including spatial development, in the Eastern Baltic Sea region.  

The project concentrates on cross-regional co-operation between EU countries as well as non-EU countries in the river basins of Vuoksi, Narva, Daugava-Zapadnaya Dvina and Nemunas. Further, the project compares, evaluates and tests methods and tools to be used in the key tasks of river basin analysis and management, especially taking into account transnational issues. 

Project results:

The project results included recommendations and a guide book on river basin management for transboundary waters, practicable in the Baltic Sea region as well as in other European regions.  


16 partners from Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia (including the Center for Transboundary Cooperation – Saint-Petersburg).  


The project implemented through networking and data exchange, country and case studies and work in cross-regional groups. This project is financed by the European Union.

Project term:

July 2006 - July 2008