Goal of the project:

Main goal of the project is to establish close contacts between Russian and Baltic NGOs through building twinning arrangements and joint capacity building actions aimed at strengthening partners in order to perform join activities in the field of environmental protection in the Baltic Sea Region.  


raised capacities of the Russian NGOs in project development and management, established networking with EU partner, contribution to the improvements of the state of environment in the region via joint projects developed under current initiative.  


capacity building/trainings in workshop organization, time management and communication, in project development, team building exercises aimed at better performance of the organization, information exchange and networking to support joint activities and develop common interests, regular communication aimed at sustainable networking.  


the project was using step-by-step approach and learning-by-doing exercises i.e. at the starting point the participants were getting basic trainings and then going on with more advanced topics, all theoretical knowledge was followed by the practical actions and joint activities.  


· Raised capacities in workshop organization and facilitation/moderation – tested at joint seminars under other projects,  

· Knowledge of communication tools and instruments and time management – used at every-day activities and regular work,

 · More expertise in project development and fundraising,

· Raised team spirit leading to better performance of the organization,

 · Joint applications were developed and submitted - to EU funds (TACIS IBPP and LIFE TCY) and other donor agencies.  

· Strengthened partnership with the local NGOs via taking them to the available trainings and developing joint project applications.