The project “HELCOM data collection strategy” regarding production, uses and discharges of the environmentally hazardous substances is necessary for getting best experience and knowledge about sources of pollution and dissemination priority substances especially on the territory of Russia through the development of the strategy for Baltic Sea Region.

This project began in March 2004 till November 2005. It is implemented by organization Baltic Environmental Forum on the territory of Russia together with organization “Center for Transboundary Cooperation – Saint-Petersburg” under support of project group, consisted of representatives from HELCOM and Secretariat of HELCOM.

Goals of the project:

  • To get an overview on the existing data collection strategies regarding environmentally hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea region countries
  • To bring together environmental monitoring and chemicals management experts, enforcement authorities
  • To elaborate recommendations for the improvement needs.  


Planned outputs:

  • Overview on the existing data collection strategies regarding certain HS in BSR. 
  •  Detailed inventory on the existing data collection practices/legislative requirements regarding certain HS in Russia. 
  • Increased awareness/increased capacity among environmental inspectors/ data collectors in St.Petersburg on the HS, linkage between sources and pathways into the marine environment. 
  • Recommendations for the improvement needs on the data collection strategies/monitoring on the occurrence of HS and pathways to the marine environment. 
  • Facilitated networking among BSR countries and among monitoring and chemicals management

Project term:

March 2004 - November 2005