The program of chemical control was successfully implemented in 1998 in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia by organization “Baltic Environmental Forum”. The project awareness raising and capacity building on chemicals control in North West Russia were creating and implementing by organization “Baltic Environmental Forum – Latvia” together with organization “Center for Transboundary Cooperation – Saint-Petersburg” and involved stakeholders.

The main motivation factor of this project is development of longtime cooperation for chemicals control.

The target group of the project:

state authorities in the field of environmental protection and human health; local enterprises and industry association.  


  • a comprehensive analysis of the Russian chemicals legislation (product, environment and health related) and institutional set up has been carried out and compared to the European system;
  • shortcomings have been highlighted and recommendations for legislation or institutional changes made; the analyses are communicated with the Russian stakeholders/legislators, priorities for action needs in Russia are identified;
  • the stakeholders network is set up and starts being active among authorities and industries in NW Russia;
  • a small project office is set up in St.Petersburg, local expert(s) employed and trained;
  • project(s) is designed, future partners identified, applied for funding;
  • future project partners (potential trainers) identified and trained in comprehensive chemicals management;
  • a large Workshop on GHS organised and at least 50 persons have attended it;
  • following working groups took place: VIP working group (3), industry round table (3), public awarenes working group (3). The project was financed by Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Ministry of Environment and Nordic Council of Ministers.

Project term:

October 2004 - October 2005